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A robust, easy to use tool, the Tree Popper was designed in direct response to the need for eradication of invasive alien plants. A simple concept of leverage has been used to ensure the complete removal of unwanted vegetation roots & all*, providing a permanent solution to a long standing problem. Soil erosion due to root removal is something to consider, but with proper management can easily be mitigated.

Want to learn more about Tree Poppers and alien invasives? Check out our blog post.

Or simply see below to choose what size is best for the invasive trees you are most in need of clearing..

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*We encourage no-till, ‘roots in the ground’ farming and rehabilitation methods and promote the use of Tree Poppers only for the removal of alien invasives where an indigenous replanting plan is in place.



Tree Popper Sizes

There are 3 sizes available, based on the stem diameter of the plant to be extracted.

  • LARGE TREE POPPER: – 1440x350x100mm (WEIGHT APPROX: 8KG)
    Removes trees with a stem diameter from 5mm – 50mm – subject to soil conditions.
  • SMALL TREE POPPER: – 1100x250x100mm (WEIGHT APPROX: 6KG)
    Removes trees with a stem diameter from 5mm – 34mm – subject to soil conditions.
  • MINI TREE POPPER: – 950x150x100mm (WEIGHT APPROX: 3.5KG)
    Removes trees with a stem diameter from 5mm – 20mm – subject to soil conditions.

Operation is simple: with the jaw hooked around the plant stem, force is exerted on the handle causing the foot piece to lever the plant and its roots completely out of the ground. This simple manual operation has eliminated the need for high-speed blades and other potentially dangerous mechanical operations. No skill is required when using this tool. Even children can operate it safely. 

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  1. John Gaisford

    Our tree popper has claimed hundreds of invasive tree victims and is still going strong. It’s so easy to use and very satisfying to simply pull these stubborn trees right out the ground.

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