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Get Dirty - Tools for sustainable agriculture

Regenerative small-scale
farming is the future.
We're here to help make it the present.

Discover practical tools for soil-friendly growing, and more…

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We’re committed to promoting sustainably produced local products and the people that make them possible. If there are any useful, practical, or just downright sexy products you think we should know about, please contact us.

“If you’re not having fun you have the design wrong.”
Geoff Lawton (smart permaculture dude)

What we've got for you

Aardfork Broadfork South Africa soil regeneration no till farming


Where you can buy useful stuff

Permaculture & Regenerative Farming Store - Organic Food Growing - Laptop


Musings about practical – and some impractical – sh*t

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Places and times for you to ‘get dirty’

Featured Blog Posts

How To Build A Herb Spiral
How to Guides
Steph Van Niekerk

How To Start A Herb Spiral

When I first started learning about permaculture it was quite overwhelming. Even though, yes, I do feel that I need to play my part in

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