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Worm Bin - Get Dirty

Worm Bin

Worm composting bins are a great way to recycle your food scraps into nutrient rich organic fertiliser. The delightfully named ‘Red Wriggler’ (Eisenia Foetida) worms breed quickly and happily eat food scraps to produce a rich, dark, compost (worm castings) that is great for the garden and even potted plants. You will also collect the deliciously dark ‘worm tea’ which is like liquid gold for your plants.

Our bins are hardy, robust and deep, with the three-tier system making collection of vermicompost and worm tea easy and convenient. All you need is a level piece of ground outside of direct sunlight and preferably close to your kitchen!

Free shipping nationwide (option to include starting population of 100 worms)

*We have had some people express concern over whether the worms can survive the shipping time. Have no fear, they travel safe and sound in yummy compost inside a ventilated container, and consistently give The Courier Guy a 5-star rating for comfort during transit 😉



The bins consist of 2-3 tiers/compartments. The top compartment is where the worms live and where you add the scraps. As the top compartment fills with worm castings the worm tea filters through to the bottom compartment where the tap is used to collect this liquid gold.


When ordering a bin with worms you will receive approximately 100 worms with your order.


How to set up your worm farm (see quick how to video here):

  1. Place a liner (newspaper or cardboard) in the bottom of the top tray

  2. Prepare worm bedding (either soak coconut coir and/or shredded newspaper in water until damp or use some well-aged compost) and add it on top of the liner.

  3. Add the worms to the bedding

  4. Place a blanket (hessian cloth, old blanket or even newspaper) over the worms

  5. Allow a few days for the worms to get used to their new home

  6. Feed the worms. Slowly increasing the amount of food.


What to feed your worms: 

Raw and cooked fruit and vegetable scraps; crushed dried eggshells; coffee grounds and tea bags (paper bags not plastic); cooked grains, pasta, and rice in small amounts; newspaper and unprinted cardboard; egg cartons.


What NOT to feed your worms: 

Citrus; Onion; Garlic; salty or oily food; meat or dairy products

Extra feeding tips:
It’s important not to overfeed your worms, especially in a small system like this.It helps to squash the food down a bit into the bin to make it easier for your worms to get to. Keep an eye on how fast they are getting through their food and don’t add food if you already have a lot of food in the worm bin that looks untouched. There are many helpful troubleshooting guides on the internet to help you look after your new pets.

Additional information

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2 tier (without worms), 2 tier (with worms), 3 tier (without worms), 3 tier (with worms)


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