About Us

Our vision is to help create a world where people grow more of their own food while regenerating soils and ecosystems, and live meaningful, balanced lives in harmony with nature and with their true selves.

Get Dirty is a soil-saving social enterprise that facilitates the transition back to a regenerative small-scale farming system, in South Africa and beyond. We do this by locally manufacturing high-quality alternative tools under a circular economy model, and promoting products, services, and people that help you get your hands dirty and be a part of this movement. 

To do this, we lean on the principles of permaculture and the triple bottom line business ethics to create an inclusive and reliable brand. We also donate 30% of all profits to organisations involved in agroecology and soil health, and aim to one day make it 100%. 

Let’s build our soils, not bugger them up.

Using a broadfork
Tomatoes grown under regenerative methods